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Download Software Desain Rumah Terbaik Home & Landscape Design Premium NexGen3

Home & Landscape Design Premium NexGen3

Teman Blogger kali ini saya akan share software yang mungkin bermanfaat untuk anda yang sedang ingin mendesaign rumah atau anda seorang arsitek yang sedang ingin membuat rancangan desaign baru pada sebuah rumah.Home & Landscape Design Premium adalah software yang tepat untuk anda karena dengan software ini anda dapat membuat desaign rumah secara 3D dengan professional sampai ke detail detail nya seperti dapur,kamar sampai ke taman lengkap dengan grafik yang sangat detail, selain itu banyak fitur fitur lain yang bisa membuat ide anda berkembang so untuk lebih jelas mari download dan review software ini....

This new version makes trying out decorating ideas even faster. Customizable decorating defaults mean you can start your designs with any color combination you choose. The new ‘SmartWand' technology provides instant decorating. Apply floor coverings, paint, wall coverings, trim and more to surfaces through the house with a single mouse click. Get Started Quickly! 

Product Features

  • Save money and energy with our ?Going Green? function! Choose from a library of eco-friendly building materials and get advice from our integrated building green design tips
  • Control material and project costs with our Estimator. Easily edit your material list and print it out
● Start by laying out your rooms. With QuickStart, you can drag and drop rooms together to create the
   perfect living space. Then with a mouse click it will automatically build the walls in 3d, even create a roof.
● Browse the sample plans provided to find a plan style that interests you. Open it and experiment with it to
   give you a fast start. 
● Import a photo of your house using PhotoView then landscape the photo. Create a complete landscape or
   outdoor living space using the photo of your house as a backdrop. 
● Start by importing a scanned floor plan and tracing it. Then change and decorate the plan to fit your tastes.
   Indoor and Outdoor - Customize Your Design! 
● Drop in pre-created rooms of furniture with a mouse click 
● A wide selection of decorating options will help you put your personal touch on your designs. The
   Decorator Palette will let you organize and compare different decorating ideas.
● Landscape your plan with an extensive plant library or import your own plants for a personalized garden.
  Custom edging will dress up your planting beds while the Grow feature will help you visualize your landscape
  after years of growth. 
● The new Visual Array tool will let you place a perfectly spaced hedge row or quickly place landscape path
● Drag and Drop the new ProjecTape anywhere in your home or landscape to measure your spaces. 
● Make the design your own! Import a custom background for your creation. Accurate, true to life imaging
   allows you to make real-world design decisions. User-controlled sun angles and shadows add spectacular
   detailing just like a photograph. 



  • Intel® Pentium® 3, Celeron®, or compatible 1.0 GHz processor or higher (multi-core processors supported)
  • Windows® XP or Higher 256 MB of RAM
  • 3.2 GB of Hard Disk Space
  • VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024x768 with 32-bit color
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Mouse with mouse wheel required
  • 64MB Video Card Memory
  • Internet access required to use some features

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